Whitney Port: What’s in my Bag? Guide

whitney port beauty

Whitney Port first appeared in The Hills and then later starred in her own spinoff reality TV show, The City.  US Weekly got her to show us what she carries in her Lena Erziak bag.  Their website is currently down for construction, but Gilt sells a lot of Lena Erziak handbags — and at a discount too!


A red Miu Miu with gold accents



Trader Joe’s pack of almonds ; Sidenote: I really want to try these… I mean Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds! Enough said.

Orbit gum – I like to buy these in bulk, so I don’t get stuck buying the $2.00 packs at the check out counter.  Whoever came up with that rack is brilliant, by the way.

Cherry blow pops – I respect a girl who always has a little candy in her purse.

**Also, can we recap on her choices?  Fruit, protein and a little candy? The health nut in me loves that!


Blackberry Bold

Make Up:

Tarte Park Avenue Princess bronzer


Filofax Organizer – Between this and her blackberry, she must be very organized and on top of her game!



Kristin Bauer: What’s In My Bag Guide

Kristin Bauer (full name Kristin Bauer van Straten) is probably most famous for her role on True Blood as the vampire Pam.  She has also had roles in Once Upon a Time and Seinfeld.   You can find the US Weekly article What’s In Kristin Bauer’s Bag here.

Here’s what’s in her Steve Madden vegan purse .  Steve Madden no longer carries that purse on its website, so there is a link to buy it off Ebay– hurry, hurry!  If it’s already gone, you can check out more vegan purses.


Sunscreen of at least 30 SPF – I like Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer line


John Masters Organic Lip Balm


Wellness Formula Vitamins

travel toothbrush

Rubber bumper iPhone case — I think this one is cute! Nice, clean look — our fav!

Envirosax Reusable Origami Bag

Coach sunglasses – For me the bigger the frame, the better!


thinkThin protein bars – & gluten free!


Miranda Lambert: What’s in My Bag Guide

miranda lambert

Since I’m sure most of us have a total girl crush on Miranda Lambert, I don’t think I really need to ‘introduce her’ per se.  But, just in case, she is a country music artist that became famous after becoming a finalist on the show, Nashville Star.  She’s extremely talented and beautiful, so I think we could all benefit a little from knowing what she considers a ‘bag essential’, from US Weekly’s What’s In My Bag.  Also, she’s married to Blake Shelton so we already know she has good taste (in men at least!).


Miranda Lambert flaunts a $300 faux snakeskin red Kenneth Cole purse, similar to the one pictured.


Packets of Crystal Light: She says she orders Bacardi and water at bars and then adds these to make her own drink! (I used to do that in college– although instead of Bacardi, it was Burnetts, and instead of a bar, it was my freshman dorm.  But, hey, clearly I’m the next Miranda Lambert.)


Earrings like these: Lambert keeps an assortment of inexpensive hoops and skulls from places like Forever 21 in case she needs to quickly jazz up an outfit.


Fujifilm camera & extra batteries: When you’re on the road, who wants to wait around for an hour to charge something? Old school batteries for the win!


Hand sanitizer: A famous singer, she is constantly shaking hands and needs to stay healthy!


And those are Miranda Lambert’s favorite purse products!



E.L.F. is a makeup brand I recently tried.  I know, I think the name is a little strange too, but at least you’ll remember it!  I tried it because I frequently read about it here.   At first, I was skeptical.  I mean, make up that was $3?  With that pricing, it sounded to me like it’d be geared towards teeny boppers.  Fun flashy colors for low prices, but not necessarily great quality.  But, then I left my bronzer in a hotel, and had just the perfect excuse to go shopping for make-up.  I mean yes, I just went out to replace the bronzer, but somehow when I left Target I had managed to stash bronzer, powder, eye shadow, brushes, lip gloss, and nail polish in my basket.  Target: 1 Lisa: 0.

elf makeup

I knew I did not want to get the same bronzer I’d had.  I didn’t like the form that my last bronzer was in.  I had the kind with all the little balls of slightly different shades in one container.  It never worked that great in my opinion.  On top of that, I couldn’t remember the shade of bronzer I had been using, and since I may fall more in to the “porcelain” skin category than year-long-bronzed-beauty category, this was a more serious decision than it may be for you.  Also, I had just gotten back from a beach trip and was actually tanner than I normally am mid-January.  I decided that instead of trying to guess what shade of tan (ok, fine- beige!) I was, I’d get a couple shades of E.L.F. to find out what shade I was during this transition phase of my life.  That way, I could get a shade darker than I would normally try to go with my current tan, but also get a lighter shade that I would inevitably have to switch back to in like 3 days.  (Seriously, I’m ready for summer.)  Also, then I could try this new brand and see what the deal was, and get multiple colors all for the low price of $5.  Since I was in that section, I also bought 2 brushes from their display, just because they were a great price, and I’m not convinced you need super fancy make up brushes.  Then I decided that since I was already trying out brushes, powders, and bronzers, I might as well go all in and grab a lip gloss.  I mean, who doesn’t need like 10 at a time?  So, I tossed in a pink lip gloss.

So the loot:

2 shades of bronzer- $3 each

2 applicator brushes- $1 each (!!!)

1 lipgloss (Don’t remember the exact price, but probably $2-$3)

Total price = About $10-$11

Not. Bad. At. All.

And, I like it all! I was very surprised.  The shades I picked, Light Beige and Sun Kissed are pretty decent matches depending on how pale/tan I am in the moment.  Although, I would categorize the Light Beige as more of a powder than a bronzer just because it’s so light.  I’m honestly not very picky about what brushes I use to apply make-up, but they feel soft and are working just fine.  I like that they’re only $1, because for some reason I am always losing them, so I stocked up on a couple to always have some on hand.  The lip gloss is still in my purse, and I like the applicator style of that too.  It’s a long, skinny tube instead of the short fat ones.  I don’t like those little ones because I never screw on the caps tight enough so lip gloss oozes in my purse.  Not a fan.  Plus, I always end up putting on too much.  But, this cap stays on, so the tube never has that sticky feeling, and it doesn’t go on thick.    However, I am not as much a connoisseur of lip gloss as Jessica is, so I would always go with her advice on lip gloss.  I’m more of a chapstick/Burt’s Bees type girl, but I have been using this lately- so that’s something.

elf eyeshadow reviewSo, the consensus on the E.L.F. brand in general: Super cheap. Decent quality.  Great for trying out new colors/shades.  Great for the basic “tools” (brushes, applicators etc.).

The brand is at Target, or you can find it online at Amazon.  Amazon has a set of 12 brushes for only $12! Here’s the link for a large eye shadow palette. Here’s the actual lip gloss I’ve been using.


Nicki Minaj: What’s in My Bag Guide

US Weekly just published Nicki Minaj’s What’s In My Bag in the March 25th 2013  issue.  Nicki Minaj is an American nicki minaj's valentino rockstud totemusician famous for songs like Starships & Super Bass. She is also an American Idol judge this season.  Here’s what Nicki keeps in her Valentino Rockstud tote and where to find it:





  • mini snickers
  • green olives– This link is to a snack pack of pitted green olives (only 50 calories!).  I can see why Nicki Minaj includes green olives on her rider–and then after events she throws them in her bag!


Lisa Vanderpump: What’s in My Bag Guide

US Weekly just published Lisa Vanderpump’s What’s In My Bag in the December 3rd 2012 issue.  Lisa Vanderpump is the star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and is going to be on the coming season of Dancing with the Stars. Here’s where to find what’s in her Valentino bag.

lisa vanderpump purse

Valentino leopard calf-hair purse like the one Lisa Vanderpump carries.


  • iPad– Vanderpump says she uses her iPad for everything even writing chapters of her new book, Simply Divine on it.
  • Blackberry- she says its hard to switch!






khroma beauty lipstick

Like I’ve said before, I kinda have a girl crush on the Kardashian sisters. I think they are gorgeous, super confident and always look so put together. Khloe Kardashian told Glamour some of her favorite beauty products, in this article Khloe Kardashian’s Best Makeup Advice.

Some of Khloe Kardashian’s Favorite Beauty Products:

Also check out some of Kim Kardashian’s favorite beauty products!


Martha Stewart: What’s In My Bag Guide

Martha Stewart is known for always being prepared; so I’m excited that she’s in this weeks US Weekly. Here’s what Martha keeps in her purse and where to find it according to the February 20th issue’s article Martha Stewart: What’s in My Bag?.

She carries a Perrin Paris Le Shopping Tote.

What’s in Martha Stewart’s Bag?


  • a weeks worth of supplements

    martha stewart home office notebook

    Martha Stewart Home Office Notebook–she thinks the pockets inside are great for storing business cards

  • floss
  • aspirin
  • Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery tablet case and notebook– the tablet case is hard to find online; it looks like it used to be sold on the Staples website but it’s no longer on there




Connie Britton’s Beauty Essentials

Connie Britton, the star of ABC’s Nashville, shared some of her beauty essentials with US Weekly (Connie Brtitton’s Winter Beauty Essentials). Some of these beauty products seem like they are specific to the winter season, but some seem like year round beauty favs!  I think she is one of the most naturally beautiful women on TV; I was fascinated by her healthy looking hair and skin on last season’s American Horror Story.  So obviously–I’m excited to know her beuaty product secrets! Here are her beauty essentials and where you can find them online:

These are Connie Britton’s favorite winter beauty products. Which ones are you interested in trying?


Kate Upton’s Favorite Beauty Products

Kate Upton is on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition this year, as I’m very aware since I work with all men. At work we watch CNBC all day for stock market news; I sit in a room with other traders and we have two TVs on the walls. Normally they have boring business guests on for interviews and we pretty much tune out most of what they talk about other than the breaking news. But I always hate the day when the swimsuit edition comes out because CNBC has an interview with the swimsuit models and instead of it being like any normal interview, they proceed to show clips of girls in tiny swimsuits running on the beach all day long on the channel. And unlike any other guest, the guys on TV make a huge deal about it, and make stupid jokes about “hot girls” all day and it’s just kinda annoying.

chanel hydramax

Kate Upton’s favorite beauty product–that she doesn’t want to live without!

But that’s besides the point. The point is that Kate Upton is absolutely gorgeous, and she recently told Vogue some of her favorite travel items.  Here are her beauty product picks:





  • Sebbag Essentials– Upton’s favorite hair product. It’s Moroccan argan oil. She says it keeps your hair healthy and shiny while smelling good