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About Us

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The two of us vacationing in Miami; Jessica (left)&Lisa (right)

We are Jessica & Lisa, sisters.

We started this website because we wanted an easy way to find our favorite celebrity’s products online. We are avid online readers and can sometimes become obsessed with the latest trends.  Let’s face it- if Jennifer Aniston swears by a certain face cream, it can’t hurt to try it out.  And that’s where we come in- to create an easy one-stop-shop to the latest news on celebs go-to products and where to buy them- all in the same article.

We’re from North Carolina, but have both ended up in the northeast.  Jessica is a day trader who lives on Long Island, New York.  Lisa is a flight attendant and lives in Philadelphia.  We’ve been interested (okay, some would say obsessed) in health/fitness/clean eating for awhile, and this site is kind of a side product of that.  We think that when you work hard at your job, or getting in shape, or just being your rock star self- you should be rewarded.  For some that’s a giant slice of chocolate cake and for others, it’s your 18th bottle of OPI nail polish (I mean – different colors for different seasons, am I right?!).  Anyway, whether you’re shopping for yourself or for others, we hope you find whatever you’re looking for right here.

Product Links

We will link to products on Amazon whenever possible. We know that it’s one of the easiest places to buy things online, and typically has the best prices.  If the product is not sold on Amazon, we will next try to find it on Drugstore.com or Beauty.com. And if it’s not there–we will figure out what the next easiest place for you to buy it is!

Contact Information

Let us know if you ever have any recommendations or feedback. We’d love to hear from you. You can email us at celebrityfavs at gmail dot com or find us on twitter @celebrity_favs.