E.L.F. is a makeup brand I recently tried.  I know, I think the name is a little strange too, but at least you’ll remember it!  I tried it because I frequently read about it here.   At first, I was skeptical.  I mean, make up that was $3?  With that pricing, it sounded to me like it’d be geared towards teeny boppers.  Fun flashy colors for low prices, but not necessarily great quality.  But, then I left my bronzer in a hotel, and had just the perfect excuse to go shopping for make-up.  I mean yes, I just went out to replace the bronzer, but somehow when I left Target I had managed to stash bronzer, powder, eye shadow, brushes, lip gloss, and nail polish in my basket.  Target: 1 Lisa: 0.

elf makeup

I knew I did not want to get the same bronzer I’d had.  I didn’t like the form that my last bronzer was in.  I had the kind with all the little balls of slightly different shades in one container.  It never worked that great in my opinion.  On top of that, I couldn’t remember the shade of bronzer I had been using, and since I may fall more in to the “porcelain” skin category than year-long-bronzed-beauty category, this was a more serious decision than it may be for you.  Also, I had just gotten back from a beach trip and was actually tanner than I normally am mid-January.  I decided that instead of trying to guess what shade of tan (ok, fine- beige!) I was, I’d get a couple shades of E.L.F. to find out what shade I was during this transition phase of my life.  That way, I could get a shade darker than I would normally try to go with my current tan, but also get a lighter shade that I would inevitably have to switch back to in like 3 days.  (Seriously, I’m ready for summer.)  Also, then I could try this new brand and see what the deal was, and get multiple colors all for the low price of $5.  Since I was in that section, I also bought 2 brushes from their display, just because they were a great price, and I’m not convinced you need super fancy make up brushes.  Then I decided that since I was already trying out brushes, powders, and bronzers, I might as well go all in and grab a lip gloss.  I mean, who doesn’t need like 10 at a time?  So, I tossed in a pink lip gloss.

So the loot:

2 shades of bronzer- $3 each

2 applicator brushes- $1 each (!!!)

1 lipgloss (Don’t remember the exact price, but probably $2-$3)

Total price = About $10-$11

Not. Bad. At. All.

And, I like it all! I was very surprised.  The shades I picked, Light Beige and Sun Kissed are pretty decent matches depending on how pale/tan I am in the moment.  Although, I would categorize the Light Beige as more of a powder than a bronzer just because it’s so light.  I’m honestly not very picky about what brushes I use to apply make-up, but they feel soft and are working just fine.  I like that they’re only $1, because for some reason I am always losing them, so I stocked up on a couple to always have some on hand.  The lip gloss is still in my purse, and I like the applicator style of that too.  It’s a long, skinny tube instead of the short fat ones.  I don’t like those little ones because I never screw on the caps tight enough so lip gloss oozes in my purse.  Not a fan.  Plus, I always end up putting on too much.  But, this cap stays on, so the tube never has that sticky feeling, and it doesn’t go on thick.    However, I am not as much a connoisseur of lip gloss as Jessica is, so I would always go with her advice on lip gloss.  I’m more of a chapstick/Burt’s Bees type girl, but I have been using this lately- so that’s something.

elf eyeshadow reviewSo, the consensus on the E.L.F. brand in general: Super cheap. Decent quality.  Great for trying out new colors/shades.  Great for the basic “tools” (brushes, applicators etc.).

The brand is at Target, or you can find it online at Amazon.  Amazon has a set of 12 brushes for only $12! Here’s the link for a large eye shadow palette. Here’s the actual lip gloss I’ve been using.

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