Kate Upton’s Favorite Beauty Products

Kate Upton is on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition this year, as I’m very aware since I work with all men. At work we watch CNBC all day for stock market news; I sit in a room with other traders and we have two TVs on the walls. Normally they have boring business guests on for interviews and we pretty much tune out most of what they talk about other than the breaking news. But I always hate the day when the swimsuit edition comes out because CNBC has an interview with the swimsuit models and instead of it being like any normal interview, they proceed to show clips of girls in tiny swimsuits running on the beach all day long on the channel. And unlike any other guest, the guys on TV make a huge deal about it, and make stupid jokes about “hot girls” all day and it’s just kinda annoying.

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Kate Upton’s favorite beauty product–that she doesn’t want to live without!

But that’s besides the point. The point is that Kate Upton is absolutely gorgeous, and she recently told Vogue some of her favorite travel items.  Here are her beauty product picks:





  • Sebbag Essentials– Upton’s favorite hair product. It’s Moroccan argan oil. She says it keeps your hair healthy and shiny while smelling good

About the Author: Jessica is a stock trader who lives in New York and is obsessed with the latest celebrity beauty trends.

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