Maria Menounos’ Favorite Products from her Book- The Everygirl’s Guide to Life

I honestly really enjoyed reading Maria Menounos’ book—The Everygirl’s Guide to Life. She has some great skin care, makeup and maria menounos bookwardrobe tips as well as tips for all other aspects of life.  As soon as I read her book I went to Amazon (and other places around the web) to buy all of her must-haves. If you’ve read her book, I’m sure you are doing the same! And if you haven’t read her book and are interested in the beauty products she likes, I would highly recommend reading it because she gives excellent tips on the best ways to use them. Here is a list of her favorite products with links to where you can buy them online.

Maria Menounos’ Favorite Skin Care Products

In her book Maria Menounos discusses that one of the first steps to great skin is a healthy skin care routine. Here are some of the products she uses in her skin care regimen:


She cleanses every night with Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel after using Neutrogena wipes to remove her makeup.

  • Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel
  • Neutrogena Wipes– to remove makeup (Sidenote- Lisa: I swear by these too! They really do the trick without drying out my skin, or irritating my eyes.  They are great to travel with too- easy to just toss the pouch in your tote or suitcase and you don’t have to worry about liquid restrictions either.)
dermalogica products

Maria Menounos swears by Dermalogica face products.


Menounos sprays toner on every morning and night.


While Maria Menounos likes to use all the Dermalogica products, the Vitamin E cream is a less expensive option that she likes to use on her neck and hands in addition to her face.

Eye Cream:

Powder Sunscreen:

Menounos says powder sunscreens are great for constant reapplication of sunscreen UV protection throughout the day.


Maria Menounos likes to apply a mask once a week.


And she exfoliates every two weeks.

clarisonic brush

Clarisonic brushes clean your face better than just using your fingers!

Clarisonic Brush– Maria Menounos swears by the Clarisonic brush. She says it’s the best way to remove makeup and grime off your face and that it’s 6 times better than just washing your face with a washcloth. Clarisonic brushes are like electronic toothbrushes but for your face–they work off the same technology.

For Getting Rid of Sun Spots:

While Maria Menounos likes both DDF products to get rid of sun spots, if she had to use only one she would get the DDF Correct and Protect.

For Preventing & Dealing with Acne:

Maria Menounos’ Favorite Makeup Products


colorscience pro skin primer

Colorscience pro is one of Maria Menounos’ favorite primers!


Tinted Moisturizer






  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Shimpagne

For Adding Color to Your Legs

Maria Menounos’ Favorite Hair Products


pantene pro v brunette expressions

Pantene Pro V is Maria’s choice for “everyday” Shampoo & Conditioner


Other Hair Products:

She has these products and more, along with tips on how to use them in her book; and I highly suggest it!  Not only that, but she goes into detail on lots of other areas of her life- including diet, exercise, and even on how to pack for a trip.  It’s a great book to get you motivated to give your body (and life!) a little makeover.  I hope this list helps you easily purchase any of Maria Menounos’ favorite makeup, beauty or hair products.


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