Miranda Lambert: What’s in My Bag Guide

miranda lambert

Since I’m sure most of us have a total girl crush on Miranda Lambert, I don’t think I really need to ‘introduce her’ per se.  But, just in case, she is a country music artist that became famous after becoming a finalist on the show, Nashville Star.  She’s extremely talented and beautiful, so I think we could all benefit a little from knowing what she considers a ‘bag essential’, from US Weekly’s What’s In My Bag.  Also, she’s married to Blake Shelton so we already know she has good taste (in men at least!).


Miranda Lambert flaunts a $300 faux snakeskin red Kenneth Cole purse, similar to the one pictured.


Packets of Crystal Light: She says she orders Bacardi and water at bars and then adds these to make her own drink! (I used to do that in college– although instead of Bacardi, it was Burnetts, and instead of a bar, it was my freshman dorm.  But, hey, clearly I’m the next Miranda Lambert.)


Earrings like these: Lambert keeps an assortment of inexpensive hoops and skulls from places like Forever 21 in case she needs to quickly jazz up an outfit.


Fujifilm camera & extra batteries: When you’re on the road, who wants to wait around for an hour to charge something? Old school batteries for the win!


Hand sanitizer: A famous singer, she is constantly shaking hands and needs to stay healthy!


And those are Miranda Lambert’s favorite purse products!

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